M/S Semiramis III

Luxor Number of rooms: 66

Standards Achieved

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Fire Safety (FireCheck)
FireCheck by Intertek Cristal is focused on the prevention of fire within a hotel

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Food Safety (FoodCheck)
FoodCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to assist hotels and hospitality businesses in producing and serving safe and hygienic food for guests

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Room Safety (RoomCheck)
RoomCheck by Intertek Cristal ensures that hotels manage and monitor the effectiveness of their room cleaning operations against an international benchmark

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General Safety (SafetyCheck)
SafetyCheck by Intertek Cristal is designed to ensure that accidents and safety issues that are preventable within a hotel are effectively managed and eliminated where possible

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Welcome to SUNRISE M/S Semiramis III. Experience a holiday far away from the hectic everyday life and join us for a trip on the Nile river! SUNRISE M/S Semiramis III will take you on a cruise from Luxor, the world’s greatest open air museum, to Aswan. Be enchanted by the fascinating landscape and rich cultural heritage. You will surely experience one of a memorable vacation.


Air Conditioning
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Disabled Access

Location & Contact Details

Luxor, Luxor, Luxor, Egypt