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Established in 1997, CSF employs over 150 full-time experts in the field of hotel and travel safety

Our systems are built on guideline from the WHO and meet all local legislative requirements. Our business is based in Morocco, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mauritius and Thailand. We operate in 9 languages and employ local experts.

CSF audits how hotels manage safety & hygiene systems on a frequent and unannounced basis. Each hotel is subjected to 100's of control points by a professional auditor, which must all be answered positively to get a top score. The results are then discussed and agreed with the management of the hotel and any remedial actions implemented. An executive summary and records document is presented to the management for future reference and record keeping. Only when a hotel reaches a consistently high level of risk management do they get certified as achieving the Cristal Standards.

Check Safety First Ltd and www.checksafetyfirst.com provides the traveller, with as much information as possible to make your holiday a more memorable experience, for the right reasons. Remember, all our reports and hotel listings on our website have been verified recently by a real person, visiting a real hotel.

Supported by the E-Cristal Software System, CSF boasts one of the largest concentrations of experts in this field anywhere in the world. Our experience goes back over 23 years in the hygiene & safety management business. We are global experts in this field and we are here to support you.

In December of 2019, Check Safety First was acquired by Intertek Group plc.